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smoky eyes

I am a goddess, embodied with a partial influence over the world. I am a ninja, grudgingly hesitating to sell my impeccably paradisiacal tattooed heart. I wish to fly to the moon and dance in constant rhythm among the monochromically simplicity infused aligned stars. I reign over infinite possibilities and doubts.

I tend to find enlightenment in my philosophical ethics. If you can't comprehend my austerely bizarre pattern of behavior, you might want to stay away from me as I will astound you with my melodramatic disposition. I want to be disastrously smitten with a boy I fancy and I want to laze around watching sappy love shows while we cuddle and steal kisses from one another. And I perennially have doubts and distrust towards people and instantaneously make insinuations after I've seen/met them.

Life's too short to afford to regret. Step out, get up, go and everyone will see you shine. Because it's time to take over the world in 3,2,1...